Results Matter. Too often, the latest technology is sold as a cure-all to the challenges we face in healthcare. But we know that all the data and technology in healthcare must be in service to tangible outcomes for the patient, providers, and health plans — whether they be financial, clinical, or operational. Arcadia partners with our clients to build a foundation of data and technology that drive these outcomes.

Example Use Cases


ACO Care Managers

Use Arcadia’s advanced patient registries to build cohorts of patients who meet specific criteria and then leverage our phone/mail/messaging outreach to engage them. Once you get them on the phone, use our care management tools to build care plans and document interactions with each patient over time and share them with other care providers.

Clinical Support Staff

Build specific registries of patients that are coming into your office to run pre-visit prep meetings. Leverage built-in business intelligence identifying patient-level gaps and opportunities to determine the plan for each patient to maximize clinical and documentation quality during the visit.

Provider and Plan Medical Directors

Use at-a-glance performance reports to see performance comparisons across pods, locations, and providers on the key quality, cost, and outcome measures you hold your providers accountable to deliver on. When you see discrepancies, drill down to the patient level to understand specifically what is driving differences in provider behavior.

Health Plan Value-Based Care Executives

Review daily reports showing the performance and trends on key quality and cost measures, understanding the effectiveness of care manager outreach in near-real time instead of waiting for full claims adjudication.

The Value of Aggregated EHR Data

While patient care takes place in the hospital and clinic, health plans have a critical role to play as an aggregator of data and partner in driving outcomes. As part of that partnership, health plans have the duty operate as efficiently as possible, realizing their own benefits and to American healthcare broadly.


Client Testimonials

  • Arcadia came to us with a proven track record of managing these types of projects, a proven track record of understanding their clients’ needs related to patient population management, and a unique ability to translate their insights into something we could take action on. Ultimately, Arcadia’s ability to understand our needs from a clinical and financial perspective, and understand them better than any other company we looked at as we started down this path, was what set Arcadia above the rest.

    Pacific Northwest IDN
  • This is the kind of tool that I want to use every single day in my office.

    Northeast ACO
  • The Performance Management and Utilization Management capabilities are as good as I’ve ever seen them implemented. Our current tools just spit out a bunch of data and reports, and we’re just now (three years later) figuring out how to get some value out of it.  You’ve made that information much more actionable and valuable.

    Board Member
    West coast provider group