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Use Case Quality Improvement

Quality of care is the goal of healthcare

Improving the quality of patient care is the aim of any healthcare organization. For healthcare networks in value-based care, managing population health initiatives is crucial to meeting these standards and performing on contracts. To deliver on quality measures, healthcare organizations must leverage disparate data to surface gaps, identify areas for initiatives, engage providers working with patients to move the needle on target areas, and communicate with patients.

The Challenge

Measuring quality isn’t always one-size fits all

Providers across a broader network have different priorities and viewpoints, so universal care quality is hard to standardize. Complex organizations under multiple contracts may need to prioritize a broad range of initiatives and must organize data across multiple EHRs and delivery systems.

The solution

Analytics activates teams to improve quality of care together

An analytics platform empowers an enterprise with a single view of data from across the network. Administrators and analysts can visualize and assess population health, quality metrics, and patient outcomes to standardize care through evidence-based practices. Providers are enabled in the clinical setting with timely insights into their broader quality goals.

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Featured Applications

Quality of care applications

Give your administrative and analytics teams a better way to deliver insights to providers. Deploy resources and deliver standardized care across a patient population to optimize outcomes.

Analytics Dashboard

Business intelligence software built for healthcare organizations

Healthcare Reporting for Providers

From provider reporting to efficient healthcare data analysis

Patient Engagement

Automate patient engagement with AI-powered care management tools in our partnership with Artera

Latest Resources

Quality of care resources to improve patient outcomes and population health

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