Why Arcadia

Arcadia Healthcare Solutions is an EHR data aggregation and analytics technology company delivering managed care to ambulatory networks taking on value-based risk. As you consider your strategy for building and using a data asset in the transition from volume- to value-based care models, consider the following:

Data Quality

Data quality matters. It is the foundation of any population health program. CCDs are not enough — direct connections to EHRs ensure the most high quality data to drive your success.

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Legacy matters. Unlike other analytics vendors whose roots are in claims analysis or non-healthcare business intelligence, Arcadia has been built around a deep understanding of ambulatory network operations, EHR data aggregation, and how to make the two work together for real results.

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Results Matter. Too often, the latest technology is sold as a cure-all to the challenges we face in healthcare. But we know that all the data and technology in healthcare must be in service to tangible outcomes for the patient, providers, and health plans — whether they be financial, clinical, or operational. Arcadia partners with our clients to build a foundation of data and technology that drive these outcomes.

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User Experience

The Arcadia Analytics Platform is built on a modern technology stack, with an obsessive focus on the user experience. Whether you are a senior executive looking for insights into your most important strategies, an expert analyst diving deeply into data, or a care manager working with 50 patients a day, you will find applications that are simple and easy to use, all based on a foundation of high quality, deep data.

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