User Experience

The Arcadia Analytics Platform is built on a modern technology stack, with an obsessive focus on the user experience. Whether you are a senior executive looking for insights into your most important strategies, an expert analyst diving deeply into data, or a care manager working with 50 patients a day, you will find applications that are simple and easy to use, all based on a foundation of high quality, deep data.

The core Arcadia Analytics platform presents a mix of macro and micro visualizations of across hundreds of measures, using integrated clinical and claims data. Examine trends over time; slice and dice across provider, hospital, payer; filter by almost any variable including non-emergent conditions, attributed provider, or DRGs.

Use familiar interfaces like Google Maps with integrated geolocation services to identify trends and identify community-based outreach programs.

View a full longitudinal patient record which includes all data from EHRs, claims systems, and ancillary data feeds. Launch outreach via SMS, calling, or email from the same screen, and make notes that are pushed back into the source EHR for care coordination.

Not the type who loves digging into the depths of your data? Utilize our tablet friendly dashboards for quick views and drill-downs into your most important contract metrics.

Want more visualizations? Check out our Data Gallery!