Legacy matters. Unlike other analytics vendors whose roots are in claims analysis or non-healthcare business intelligence, Arcadia has been built around a deep understanding of ambulatory network operations, EHR data aggregation, and how to make the two work together for real results.

Deep Integration with 30+ EHRs

Our Data Connect platform has second-to-none aggregation capabilities, extracting information directly out of backend EHR databases. With this approach, a typical install pulls over a complete, trusted dataset which provides broader data than CCDs.

Broad Payer Experience

For providers who theoretically have access to health plan data via an ACO or other shared risk contract, effectively utilizing those claims is a significant challenge. We have integrated claims feeds from all national health plans (including CMS) and more than 15 regional plans, pairing that data with the EHR data providers trust.

Open Clinical and Claims Data Model

Neither claims nor EHR data is enough on their own. To succeed under value-based care programs, you need both, integrated in an open, accessible data model.

Claims Data Alone

John Doe is a 76 year old male with a primary care visit on 5/4/2015 with a diagnosis of obesity. The visit cost $150.

Arcadia Data Connect

John Doe is a 76 year old male who speaks Spanish primarily and is a veteran who was homeless. He smokes 1 pack/day and has a BMI of 33. His BP is 140/80 and has been increasing in the past few visits. He takes Aspirin from CVS. John arrived 10 minutes late for his Primary Care visit on 5/4/2015. In that visit, a Depression Screen was administered (at risk) as well as a Fall Risk Screen. A referral to a nutritional counselor was made, but John never followed up. Additionally, a follow-up was scheduled for a BP check, but John never showed. 2 phone calls were made to the number on file, with no answer.

Experts in Practice Operations

Arcadia has been fully managing 150,000 lives under full risk at 10 IPAs for almost 20 years. From claims payment, provider recruitment and credentialing, GPRO submission, and full financial reporting, we understand what it takes to manage the day-to-day. Beyond back-office activities, Arcadia has measured more than 25,000,000 lives to inform practice operations across the country.


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