Data Quality

Data quality matters. It is the foundation of any population health program. CCDs are not enough — direct connections to EHRs ensure the most high quality data to drive your success.

Healthcare data is inherently complex, and the IT systems for recording it are still evolving. As a result, integrating and aggregating data across EHR systems remains one of the biggest challenges faced by industry leaders today. Arcadia believes that the industry cannot shift to managing populations effectively until it has a trusted, accurate data source to work from. With this in mind, we have developed a best-in-class data integration platform which sources data directly from the back-end databases of more than 30 different EHR platforms, giving us a unique ability to integrate more data, more accurately, and with greater precision than a provider can access via traditional CCD extracts. In addition, Arcadia has a robust data quality evaluation, validation, and remediation program built-in to all our implementations to ensure we deliver the highest quality, most usable data assets in the industry today.

During our Connector process, new data sources are run through the Data Quality Scorecard:

  • Detailed, field-level analysis of data volume and characteristics
  • Embedded workflow for approval and documentation of all fields
  • Worked internally first, followed by customer review and approval
  • Baselines set for ongoing monitoring
  • Data Quality Rules Engine – Hundreds of programmable rules based on clinical data benchmarks from our database of 10 million lives.
  • Configurable Email Alerts – Nightly emails to Arcadia experts and client resources with row counts, warnings and job status.
  • Recurring Trend Analysis – Recurring trend analyses reveal “slow creep” – data slipping out of sync due to new workflows and provider behavior

Arcadia’s Data Warehouse and Integration Engine harmonize multiple disparate data sources. Data tracers enable auditing directly back to the source system, including:

  • Data source
  • Source Table/Field
  • Date of entry in EHR
  • Date of extract to Warehouse
  • Date of Measure Calculation
  • All by Numerator, Denominator & Excluded

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