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With the power of Arcadia Analytics at your fingertips, discover where the biggest opportunities are to improve performance in value-based care contracts.

Arcadia Analytics - Analyze Your Data

Analyze Your Data

Built on a foundation of innovative analytics and quality data, our platform has been shaped by our partnerships with the leaders in value-based care to address their most difficult challenges.

We designed Arcadia Analytics with the whole organization in mind — from leadership and directors to key stakeholders to data gurus and analysts to care teams and clinicians. All can access and explore enriched data and user-friendly analytics to drive success in value-based care.

Illuminate drivers of cost & utilization with Arcadia’s claims grouping engines

Our advanced medical economics capabilities include grouping engines that pinpoint opportunities to improve accuracy, understand cost and utilization drivers and variation, and uncover opportunities to reduce out-of-network utilization. 

Track performance, compare providers, & uncover gaps in risk coding & quality measurement

Prescriptive analytics provide tailored scorecards for executives, practice managers, physicians, and stakeholders to help understand and improve performance. Identify and prioritize closing gaps in care and improve the acuity of your risk adjustment by including previously hidden conditions.

Identify impactable patients for care management & outreach

Rather than relying solely on claims data, our capabilities include a proprietary Arcadia IMPACT Score which uses EHR, claims, and SDoH data sources coupled with machine learning to more accurately discover patients who would benefit most from outreach, intervention, and/or care coordination.

Arcadia Measure: Quality Improvement & Measure Performance

Improve on quality measures with an integrated Multi-EHR and Claims data asset and our intuitive dashboards. Compare providers and practices, generate outreach lists, and track performance to goals in near real-time.

  • Hundreds of standard quality measures out-of-the-box, including ACO, PQI, HEDIS, DSRIP, CQM, P4P, MU, MIPS, UDS, PCMH
  • Custom quality measure development
  • High-complexity measure grammar and date logic
  • Thousands of permutations of quality measures across all lines of business, fully managed and maintained as a service
  • NCQA-certified HEDIS reporting engine
Arcadia Quality Improvement and Measure Performance

Arcadia Risk Profiler

Arcadia Risk Profiler: HCC & Risk Adjustment

Scale your processes through enhanced risk gap identification — leveraging historical data in claims and EHR systems to find suspected risk — while enabling tracking towards benchmarks across your population.

  • Morbidity and demographic-based risk
  • Supports CDPS, ACG and CMS HCC Models
  • EHR-enhanced risk models
  • Inferences and “suggested” coding gaps based on EHR and historical claims data
  • Incremental revenue opportunities by diagnosis code

Arcadia Stratify: Patient Identification, Stratification & Management

Identify patient cohorts for outreach, care management, or other clinical activities. Find impactable patients and create registries using longitudinal patient records and predictive analytics.

  • Morbidity, demographics, social determinants, utilization, pharmacy and other predictors
  • Includes census ACS variables based on census block group
  • Flexible risk cohorts configurable by customer
Arcadia Stratify

Arcadia Bindery

Arcadia Bindery: Publish Tailored Reports & Scorecards

Build, publish, and distribute prescriptive analytic reports and scorecards for stakeholders — executives, practice managers, and physicians — tailored to the reader and delivered directly to their inboxes.

Arcadia Web Analytics: Self-Service, User-Friendly Analytics

Flexible and interactive dashboards to analyze KPIs, highlight trends, and drill-down into the drivers of cost and utilization. Find answers and surface new insights about your organization.

  • Expanded content library for faster access to growing features and insights
  • All dashboards on the same elegant bindery/foundry data model for more intuitive & accurate reporting
  • Supported by our customer insights team, whose results can be published directly to customer application instance
  • Familiar business intelligence (BI) user interface
Arcadia Web Analytics: Self-Service, User-Friendly Analytics

Arcadia Foundry: Directly Interrogate Analytic Database

Data analysts can directly integrate Arcadia’s self-service, hosted analytic database and unified enterprise warehouse via secure connections to most tools, like SQL Server and Tableau.

client success stories

“I judge the quality outcomes for our patients by our ability to translate data into something meaningful for them. In Arcadia Analytics, we have a lot of quality measures that we are doing outreach on, and we are actively using that data to get patients in for needed care.”

– CMIO, October 2019

Selected commentary collected about Arcadia.io Arcadia Analytics, Population Health Management 2019.
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