Data Connect

True population health management requires full visibility into an entire patient population. Many provider organizations today rely too heavily on claims data, which while highly structured, cannot alone show a full picture of the patients’ care. EHR systems can provide a wealth of data not typically found in these claims sources.

Provider organizations need a robust dataset that integrates both clinical and claims data to be able to measure quality across their entire organization and identify at-risk patient populations.

Arcadia’s EHR Data Connect platform takes a deep-dive into a provider organization’s data to power next-generation healthcare analytics. The platform mines data from the backend of the EHR, creating a trusted dataset including claims and clinical data.


  • Proven data validation process guarantees data quality and trust in reports
  • Vendor agnostic interfaces
  • Lightweight extract agents easily installed
  • Targeted, fast extracts pull data nightly
  • Centralized interface manager and advanced data monitoring
  • Data normalization powered by years of reference data
  • 8 years worth of EHR data mappings


Arcadia’s approach focuses on making the process of getting complete and comprehensive data from the EHR as easy and sustainable as process.

  • Complete Data: More data than a CCD or HL7 — everything needed for value based care.
  • Comprehensive Mappings: Pre-built mappings to 30+ EHRs, multiple claims systems, extracts, labs and other file formats.
  • End-to-End Integration Services: We handle data extraction from data access through to data validation with a hands-off process with limited resource commitment from providers.
  • Maintenance and Monitoring: Active monitoring of data feeds for integrity. Feeds are maintained through EHR changes and template adjustments.



Audit data is available for every measure including: