Connect to 30+ EHRs, claims systems, and ADT feeds. Build a high-quality, accessible data asset. Work against 300+ standard measures or build your own. View elegant analysis through our web portal or a tablet.

  • Data Connect

    True population health management requires full visibility into an entire patient population. Many provider organizations today rely too heavily on claims data, which while highly structured, cannot alone show a full picture of the patients' care. EHR systems can provide a wealth of data not typically found in these claims sources.

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  • Data Warehouse

    Store rich claims and clinical datasets in a simplified model that can be easily accessed and queried. Claims & clinical data marts with a simplified, analytics-focused data structure. Direct, database-level access for ad-hoc analytics and integrations.

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  • Measure Engine

    Quickly build and modify measure logic, and process millions of patients in a matter of seconds. Hundreds of measures and reports out-of-the-box.

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  • Web Platform

    Built from the ground up using the most modern web frameworks, the Arcadia Analytics web platform is designed with your experience in mind. Our obsessive focus on user-centric design balances the deep data needs for your most expert analysts and the big picture thinking of your senior executives.

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