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“Within hours, ideas were brewing, teams were merging, and data was churning. It’s an amazing atmosphere for growth and creativity.” – Omar Nema

Arcadians are visiting college career fairs right now, eagerly looking for awesome people to join our family.   We asked some of our recent grads to share their experiences with potential future Arcadians.  Omar Nema studied biomedical engineering at Brown University before joining Arcadia as a technical data analyst.   Here, he reflects back on his experiences and shares some advice with graduating seniors.  If Omar’s story inspires you, we encourage you to visit our careers page to learn more about working with us.

What sort of work did you do in college?

On paper I studied biomedical engineering, but my interests were a bit more scattered (and still are, really). I carried a strong interest in design, and worked on independent projects (in engineering and industrial design mainly). Most notably, I completed a thesis in neuroengineering – in which I worked on developing a tool for predicting stimulation pulse parameters in primates. ‘Involuntary movement in primates’ is my informal thesis title.

What were you looking for during your job search?  What made you choose Arcadia?

Building off my work in college, I wanted to merge the creative and logic-oriented parts of my brain. Both school and the workface tend to partition these two ways of thinking, but I wanted to ensure that I have some degree of autonomy/creativity in a technical environment.

Arcadia’s (small) size and (high) rate of growth promised the responsibility that I wanted in a job. I saw that there was a lot of room for continuous improvement at Arcadia, and, during my interviews, got a sense that I could start my own projects in the company. Access to ‘sandbox’ data sources within the company and examples of past projects cemented my sense that there would be creative opportunities here.  And Arcadia’s mission – to improve healthcare – really resonates with me.

What team did you join at Arcadia, and what does your team do?

I’m a part of the Product Support team— dedicated to ensuring that customers can access our analytics platform without any hitches.  We dig through data, run analyses, and fix product issues that arise from data movement or structuring. I catch myself saying ‘hm’ pretty often throughout the day – we get a lot of anomalous errors that require investigation and focus. It’s like a nerdier way of playing detective.

 Tell us about some cool work you’ve done in Product Support…

I’ve been really excited about work in my meta-job – making the Product Support team more transparent, efficient, and creative. I have lead an initiative to create and share innovation within the team, and I’ve also developed a tool that enables others to check the status of data extraction. I’m also working on some data visualization projects – like the Product Support team dashboard.

Let’s step back a bit and talk about the workplace – what’s your favorite aspect of Arcadia’s culture?

The culture here is incredibly open – to different personalities, processes, and ideas. People at all management levels are accessible, and ready to listen (even to a newcomer like me, clad in high tops and jeans).

To give a concrete example we recently hosted a Datathon (hackathon for data) here at Arcadia. Within hours, ideas were brewing, teams were merging, and data was churning. It’s an amazing atmosphere for growth and creativity.

 What has been most unexpected about working here?

I’ve started to view my day-to-day routine through the lens of data analysis and visualization. I’m throwing numbers on everything, and thinking of visuals to represent interactions with people and my surroundings. It’s a little bit weird, but I embrace it.

 What advice would you give graduating seniors who might consider joining the Arcadia team?

My advice is to get advice through the right avenue: set up a call with a team member here, and try to understand if Arcadia is a fit for you!

Omar Nema

Omar Nema is a technical data analyst at Arcadia Solutions, with experience in data visualization, analysis, and design.  Omar uses data as a means of pursuing truth — of understanding, and testing intuition. Omar received his bachelor’s in biomedical engineering at Brown University, where his thesis focused on computational neural modeling.

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