GPRO & Compliance Submission

Data Collection, Management Support, and Submission for GPRO, PQRS, and commercial programs. MIPS coming soon!

Using both data from Arcadia Analytics and our data collection team, we pull clinical data throughout the year from paper, electronic, and ad-hoc sources to provide in-year visibility to performance on the MSSP quality measures. At the time of submission we provide high-touch management support, chasing any missing patient data, and submit to GPRO.

  • Paper chart collection
  • Arcadia Analytics integration
  • 3rd Party ACO Health Solutions Tool for ad-hoc data capture
  • Management support to help through the stress of submission or off load it entirely

The platform supports the creation of an XML extract for submission to third parties, such as GPRO submission. In addition, Arcadia is a qualified PQRS registry. Client in risk contracts that require a structured data submission utilize the GPRO module which supports our clients to capture care information in the Arcadia Analytics front end as they review charts to manually close care gaps. This final package of user input data, as well as care gap information sourced from the provider EMR, can be exported in the XML format specified for GPRO or other third parties for consumption, including state quality contracts and commercial pay for performance contracts.